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Rubies are historically one of the most important stones. In Sanskrit, it is known as the king of gems. Throughout the cultures of Asia, rubies granted their wearers long life and good fortunes. The most prized rubies are come from Mogok Valley of Myanmar, also known as Burma. However, there is prized and manufacturing in Sri Lanka, Thailand, Vietnam, and many new sources in Africa especially Madagascar. Manglam Gems carries varying selection of rubies. This includes prized pigeon's blood color rubies from Burma, deep red from Africa and calibrated shades of mellee and fancy shape from Thailand and the other part of the world.

A common concern today is the treatment associated with rubies in the marketplace. Heating ruby to high temperature to improve color is an accepted industry practice, and allows this rare stone into the hands of more consumers, however in recent years glass-treated rubies have entered the marketplace. These are fractured filled rubies, where a glass based material has fused with the ruby. The treatment is new and debated among the industry. Out of principle of Manglam Gems does not deal in glass-filled rubies. All our rubies have been either heat treated for permanent color or are all natural, and have only seen the wheel of a cutter.

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