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Emeralds are the most historic of gemstones. Their history traces back to the ancient Egyptians, where the stones adorned the pharaohs'. This royal love made its way to the monarchs of Europe and the rajas of Asia. Emeralds are prized for their color and vibrance, be it a lively neon green to a deep forest green. Manglam Gems roots in the emerald trade since the foundations of the company were built Italy. We are direct from the manufacturers. Our ethically sourced come from Colombia, Zambia, Brazil, and Russia. Our main focus is the vastly coveted Colombian emeralds. The demand for fine quality vastly outweighs the supply. They are historical the most popular variety, making their way from South America to the rest of the worlds via the Spaniards.

Manglam Gems specializes in the emerald of Colombian origin for several generations. We have a first look at productions from mines including the famous Chivor and Muzo. We are the main source of these fine stones, ranging from pointers to thirty carats in size. Our emeralds have not undergone any treatment besides clear oiling, which is noted as an industry standard and does not affect the composition of the stone in any way. The Colombian emeralds differ amongst themselves, ranging from a light grass color to a deep yet vivid green. And we carry these in a range of shades and price points. Please contact us for more information.

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